Friday, October 15, 2010


Toi is a real pain. He goes about life as he pleases... taking the best sitting spot, eating everyone's food, perfectly happy about how things revolve around him. In the mornings he and Patora get locked up in the laundry room (to keep the two of them from eating the other cats' food) and Patora goes completely crazy.

"Let me out of here!!!!"

Patora eats detergent boxes, paces back and forth on the washing machine so much that most days she runs the machine for me (if she hit two buttons consecutively the machine starts). She meows herself hoarse and bangs at the door knob trying to get out.

Toi? He settles down peacefully on a towel or some dirty clothes and naps amidst all of Patora's noise. And when I come in to let them out, Patora streaks by me while Toi leisurely yawns and stretches and sometimes just shifts position and goes back to sleep.

"I don't care. I'll come out later."

It sounds like Toi is a very laid back cat... and he is. Humans? Take them or leave them... Patora? He seems to like her. But the other cats?

"Let me at them!"

Already Velvet has psyche problems because of Toi's bullying. Vel is not allowed out of the sewing room because I've determined he is the peeing culprit. He does not like Toi and I guess wherever Toi has gone Vel feels the need to place his mark. Or when they happen to meet head on (and fight) then Vel pees right then and there... Sort of like a skunk.

And now Toi is starting to attack Cleo so Cleo lives up in the sewing room with Vel. I don't when this started regularly but the other day there was a MAJOR confrontation between Toi and Cleo. Toi would not let go! What a lot of noise and fur flying! I had to dump water on them to get them separated.

And Cleo came out the worse... His poor ear got torn! So now Toi (and Patora, she doesn't like Chip) has been banned to the cat house.

I really have too many cats. And YES, they ALL have been spayed and neutered!!!

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