Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cough, cough, sneeze, sniffle

Rats... I am down with a cold. I had sure hoped that all my swimming, if not helping me to lose pounds, would help me keep colds and flu at bay. Nope. Down and out I am! This morning I struggled through cross walk duty in bitter cold and I think I'll be able to pull it off tomorrow too. For the rest of today I'm staying in bed.

There was an interesting trend going on at the pool this week. I noticed one friend with her wrist all wrapped up in gauze. When I asked her what she had done she said that someone (at the pool) had told her a good way to protect herself from cold germs. Something about finding a certain leaf or grass and pulverizing it and then applying it to the pulse point on your wrist. The leaf juices burn through the skin and you are left with a blistered, swollen red mark... and have inoculated yourself against unwanted viruses.

Sure enough a couple other ladies had their wrists bandaged up too... And it was the big topic of discussion a few days later in the locker room. Everybody wants some of the medicinal leaves!
To myself I pooh-pooh a lot of these wives' tale remedies because they catch on so quickly and are forgotten just as quickly but I sort of wish I was wearing a bandage on my wrist today. I could either be perking around or else I could prove leaf medicine as unreliable...

I'm going back to bed.

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