Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Village quilting

On Friday when Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san brought their coffee cup quilts over to show, we spent the rest of the day working on happy village quilts. Mrs. Nakazawa has had her heart set on making one of those and the two of them cut fabric and arranged while I brought down more choices from the sewing room. (We can't all fit in the sewing room.)

Then yesterday I spent about two hours quilting Rumi-san's Happy Village. Maybe with the rest of today I can get to Mrs. Nakazawa's. I can't show those here yet, (I do think the creators shouldn't get their first viewing of their quilts on my blog) but this is a peek.

Rumi-san is more of a dog lover than a cat lover but I haven't gotten dog quilting down pat yet. This cat quilting design is directly from Diane Guardinski's, Savy Quilting book and Mrs. Nakazawa definitely wants a cat on her quilt!

These aren't going to get done until the end of the month when Rumi-san and Mrs. Nakazawa come again to put on borders... But I'm itching to get them quilted. Kind of fun!

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