Friday, October 01, 2010

More this and that

I love the comments I get on different posts. (A couple have sent me to chocolate with my head hanging...) Advice, Bible verses (thank you GG!), links to online information, messages from the past.

A couple of days ago I posted about one of my first "quilts". The one that could double as a mattress... And the recipient "baby" for whom it was made nearly 30 years ago wrote to say that she saw the picture, remembered that I had been her mother's roommate in college, and put two and two together.

"I didn't know you made that puffed quilt - I loved that quilt! It was so nice to squeeze :)"

Now, does that make a quilter's day or does that make a quilter's day!!?


The school children have been hard at work making scarecrows for their rice field. Every year the older classes and neighboring grandparents bring in "junk" and construct cheerful scarecrows next to the school's rice paddy.

This is the mochi rice field (sticky rice for rice cakes) and will be harvested later in the autumn than regular rice.

All over Japan Oct. 1st marks the day when school uniforms too change over from spring-summer version to fall-winter version. According to regulations today I started wearing my autumn uniform for crosswalk guard duty. Jacket, necktie, vest and STOCKINGS! I guess I could go stand with the scarecrows in the field after crosswalk duty...

I did NOT get a lot accomplished sewing wise. Yesterday I spent the day working on borders for the Tessellating Cats quilt. I actually did some machine quilting on the Pinwheels and Patches quilt too but neither of them got finished... At 9:00 at night I was putting the final embroidery stitches in on the Tisket a Tasket BOM just so I could post it here and say I got it done within the month...

Hope for more productivity in October!

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