Friday, October 22, 2010

Not me!

Yesterday 6 of us gathered for more patchwork at Furui-san's house. Mostly talking.... I didn't get out the needle and thread even once! (So why do we call it patchwork time?) Mostly exchanging information about techniques... exhorting the advantages of machine piecing or quilting, explaining new tools that we've purchased, showing new books bought or borrowed.

Afterwards I visited Mrs. Yamaguchi's house because she wanted to show me her new.... KITTENS!


Don't anybody freak out and jump to the conclusion that I've brought home two more. These cuties are Mrs. Yamaguchi's and she is completely smitten by them. So adorable! God surely gave baby animals a wonderful share of cuteness that brings them burrowing into our hearts. I snapped picture after picture of these two posing so primly for me in their chair... (one got sleepy!)

And just because this is such a rare GOOD picture of me I'm showing it on my blog and I'll fool you into thinking I look like this all the time. Mrs. Ochiai took pictures yesterday and I swear she must have a magic camera! (One of those big Eos or Canon or something cameras). I think I'll ask her if I can use this picture at my funeral someday....

Unfortunately this isn't me ...

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