Thursday, October 14, 2010


Okay... So much for pondering.

Yesterday was Wednesday and the busiest day of my week. I'm supposed to be at the kindergarten by 9:30 so I leave the house by 8:45. At 8:35 I got a phone call saying the children had another program today and that my services wouldn't be needed after all.

So, what does a woman with an extra 4 hours do? Long overdue housework? A little menu planning? No~~~! Sewing of course!

This project has been in the back of my mind since I bought Karen Eckmeir's book Accidental Landscapes. I made one at the end of the summer and was pleased with the results. Yesterday I got out a few blues and put another one together. It only took a couple of hours and truth be told the binding was the most tedious part.

I did a little experimenting and added some lace (look closely). By the way, that is supposed to be a beach scene... The only "drawback" to these landscapes is that they turn out small... Maybe 12 by 14 inches. I suppose they could be made larger but I follow directions and this is the size they turn out. It's a good size for a fabric picture... just not really "quilt" proportions.

This is another quilt made without anyone in mind. Maybe I'll send it to Takumi. He could put it behind his aquarium. Takumi! Do you want this? (Okay... Let's see if my son reads my blog...)

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