Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Crunchy or sweet?

Do you like crunchy or sweet? There seems to be a time of day for both. I am partial to sweet, especially chocolate, but I find myself craving for crunchy things too. I love nuts and Japanese crackers that go "saku-saku" (the sound of crispy things being eaten). Chocolate makes me happy, the sound of crunch in my ears gives me satisfaction.

So... wouldn't you know that Japan has the answer for both cravings!

Royce Chocolate is an exclusive Hokkaido (northern Japan) chocolate maker. Let me tell you, in Japan this is known as GOOD chocolate! And Hokkaido is also known for its potato industry. Can you see where this is leading?

Yep. Chocolate Potato Chips!

Yummm. GOOD! SATISFYING! Do I dare open this box and serve these? Yes, I do and I hope everyone will eat a lot of the sinfully delicious chocolate potato chips because anything left will go directly into my mouth!

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