Thursday, November 04, 2010

Curries and Chapatis!

Tuesday I got together with Bajiwa-san (from Pakistan) and his family and some pool friends. His daughter-in-law showed us how to make Pakistan curry. Oh~ so delicious! (She held down the spices for us wimps that can't take real Pakistan spicy... Even so we all warmed up quickly.

This is me after poking a hole in the chapati that I was trying to make. Lahira though it very funny the way we all gasped at the amount of red pepper she put in her curry and how our chapati kept flying off onto the counter (better than the floor).

We, in turn, were amazed that Lahira could cook in her garb... the tassels and head scarf seemed to come so close to the flames but Bajiwa explained that the women ALWAYS wear the traditional clothes (sorry, I can't remember the name) and that Lahira has been cooking since she was 10 or 11 so no need for us to worry.

We (actually Lahira,) made three types of curries and chapatis. And I came home with a whole set of spices so that I can do this again in my own home. Hah! I'm willing to try but I doubt after one lesson I can make authentic Pakistan curry again! I doubt that I'll ever attempt the chapatis. Especially as Lahira seemed to think it would be very difficult to make chapatis in a regular fry pan...

Good friends and good food again! Oh, and I finished the baby quilt in time to give it to Bajiwa-san's grandson.

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