Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fabric shopping

Yesterday afternoon I went off with my friend's Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san. We have been planning a trip to a city a couple of hours away to check out a fabric shop. With that said, I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures of the shop but I did have a wonderful day.

First the three of us had lunch at a winery in the hills. Since none of us are wine drinkers we just enjoyed the brisk air (we sat out on a deck with blankets over our legs!) and had a delicious salad lunch. Though I don't appreciate wine and the orchards were already bear of grapes, I still thought the winery's sign was wonderful.

After lunch we headed to the fabric store/gift shop and joined up with another friend. The shop was a much larger and much more elegant a shop than I can find in my city but the prices were dear! Still, such beautiful quality! The shop specialized in Liberty prints and oh my!!! Such a collection!!! Such prices!!! I was NOT going to buy fabric. I have enough fabric to last me a lifetime. But... after advising Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san about purchases (they are planning to make Irish Chains) I couldn't resist. First I bought some relatively inexpensive fabric for backing... Maybe for a special friend's quilt that is still on the drawing board. And I splurged and bought a few inches of choice Liberty fabrics that I have absolutely no use for, nothing that will match it in my stash and nothing that I could make from this exquisite fabric would feel comfortable under my needle. So it will sit in a drawer. I'm so annoyed with my lack of will power!

After fabric shopping we stopped in at a coffee shop and indulged in cakes and coffee. Look at this cup! We were all served coffee in museum piece china! One friend who had been to the coffee shop before whispered that she'd asked the price of the cup and had been told one cup was about $1200! Gulp. Sip carefully! (By the way it was delicious. Does the price of the porcelain make the coffee taste better or do they just make better coffee than I do? Probably both.)

Last night I had nightmares about Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san's Irish Chain quilts. I dreamed that they didn't like their choices of fabric after all... I dreamed that they absolutely couldn't use a sewing machine and that I had to make the quilts for them. I dreamed that I'd told them the wrong measurements and that all the expensive fabric was wasted! For such a fun day, I must be stressed about my upcoming role as quilting teacher again...

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