Monday, November 08, 2010


I am assuming that Leiya does not check my blog. (Remember when I asked Takumi ...via blog... if he wanted my beach scenery small quilt? No reply so I guess he didn't read that post... ) Anyway, I made up a muffler for Leiya (and Leiya if you see this post then you can still act surprised when you open the package). I wanted to show you the interesting way it turned out.

This is called Frill tape. I seems to be made out of cotton or silk or something (sorry, I threw away the packaging) and is extremely light and soft. There were quite a few colors one could chose from but I liked the way the stripes accented the finished product. The sample I saw was in black, and black and white tape. This is white, and black and white tape. The knitting was extremely simple. Thread 20 loops (they are already made on the tape) onto the knitting needle turn and knit back. Every two rows put the other color tape over the first. and when 4 rows have been knitted, change colors.

Knitting the fine thread part (loops) pulls the wider tape part into frills... thus the name. I think the weight of the end rows makes the center part narrower... I did not decrease any stitches. A fun, easy project done in a couple of hours. The "yarn" is a little pricey but for a one time project for a special daughter I think it is nice.

Now to remember to send this.

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