Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lemon Stars

Wednesday and I'm off and running. Between knitting I did get 7 Lemon Stars made for my patchwork group's block exchange game. Mrs. Takagishi chose Lemon Stars and sometime during this game each of us have to make her 7. I wanted to get all of mine done as soon as possible leaving me freed up to do other things (or make her more if I get inspired) so I am DONE.

Unfortunately or maybe I should say "happily" Tetsu is taking tomorrow off which means I'll miss our monthly patchwork meeting.

"Husbands come before patchwork".

I should stitch that and display it in my house... Anyway, we are going off tomorrow someplace, somewhere, getting lost as usual, enjoying the autumn scenery so I need to take these Lemon Stars to Mrs. Furui today for her to pass on.

Do I dare make it to the swimming pool tonight?

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