Sunday, November 07, 2010

Saturday miscellaneous

I participated in the final role playing seminar for language interpreters again yesterday and learned a lot. Especially about the Japanese insurance system! I came away thinking that how the medical bills get paid seem to be of greater importance than what the money gets used for. Maybe that is true all over the world. At any rate... because of the greatly confusing insurance system almost anybody in Japan can afford medical care. Of course there are a lot of situations with illegal aliens who do no pay national insurance fees...

Here is a rare picture of me "working". I think I was playing a pregnant mother-to-be. (That's pushing it quite a bit!) We were also fed lunch! Yum! I love the fancy box lunches that Japanese restaurants will prepare and deliver for special occasions.

I'll have you know I have laid aside my patchwork (not completely) for awhile, and am now knitting! Tetsu's annual Christmas present from me is a sweater or vest and so I need to get started. I "saw" a vest pattern I liked but cannot get the book for... I "think" I can make my own pattern and come up with something similar. I bought yarn already and have knitted up a swatch to check my gauge but am sort of concerned that the pattern is going to get lost in the mohair... I lovingly thought mohair would keep Tetsu warmer... true but it doesn't do a lot for a cable pattern... My annual knitting is always such a hit and miss affair.

And I'm also working on a scarf for Leiya. I think I can show that tomorrow!

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