Monday, December 06, 2010

Before and after!

I'm on the run this morning so this will be short. This post is for Tetsu anyway.

Leiya was on chat this morning and she forwarded me some pictures of herself that she and her friends took on their way to another friend's wedding. I don't have the other girls' permissions to show their pictures but Leiya said she didn't mind. Let me tell you, three spiffy looking girls! I don't know when I've ever seen my daughter in high heels and a mini skirt! Wow! All three girls could pose for a cosmetic advertisement or something. What eye contact with the camera!

But this is the morning of the wedding and what at least Leiya normally starts out looking like. What a laugh!!! Now, that's the girl I know! She cleans up real good doesn't she?

Tetsu always said that women and makeup together are scary. He doesn't trust what might be hidden behind all that.

His little girl has sure grown up!

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