Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First aid knitting

Yesterday I got some first aid for Tetsu's vest. Mrs. Ide came over and helped me block it again and showed me how to make the most of the measurements. This is turning out smaller than I expected. Who knows it might become a new vest for me. (That happens a lot. Then I always wish I had been making a red vest for Tetsu instead of the inevitable grey or blue...) Will this get done before Christmas? Not with all I have to do today!

2001 New Year's card and I don't know how we got Tetsu back to America in just two years. Maybe that was the year that my mother ended up in the hospital for quite a while and Tetsu convinced his office that he NEEDED to go because it might be the last time to see her. In Japan you need to have a reason to take time off from work. You can see that we weren't just standing by Mother's bedside though (she bounced back quickly). This has always been our least favorite picture... the teen years were wearing on me and Takumi refused to take off the dumb sunglasses if he had to pose at all. Even the animals didn't look happy about posing that year.

"Yeah, yeah. Let us get warm first."

They were all crowded around the heater that year. Shoko is decidedly trying to ignore the camera.

At least Leiya looked cheerful.

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