Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! It is December 25th on my side of the world. The day is cold and bright, no snow yet. The house is filled with good smells thanks to my baking marathon yesterday. I made a couple hundred cookies for the Christmas Eve service. I did NOT make this Christmas cake, but it was delicious! Coffee flavored frosting!

I also finished Tetsu's vest, and it FITS! (sometimes it doesn't) It doesn't look like it gave me all the problems it gave me. I will see if I can get Tetsu to model it later this week.

And yesterday a package arrived from Sina with some BEAUTIFUL batik fabric and a ruler to make Fat Cats! One of my first presents to myself is going to be time to do some sewing and use her beautiful gift. Thank you Sina!

Crosswalk duty and English is finished for the year. Next projects are to send out cards and clean the house. I will NOT be getting to those today. I'm RELAXING!


Back in the yard for this 2004 New Year's picture. Since we live next to a forest a common job is sweeping up leaves during the fall so I guess that is when we took this picture. Lemi, Zorro and Vel on the piano. Shoko on her favorite sofa. Wow, I think Takumi was 18 and Leiya 14 that year!

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