Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Year's picture 1990

I have an overnight guest coming in an hour so this has to be short today.
Lots of changes in our lives by the time we sent out our 1990 New Year's card. First Tetsu changed jobs and started working in convalescent care. A month or two after moving to a new city and a new apartment TETSU picked up a stray dog (see, it's not just me!), Leiya was born a couple months after that and Takumi started kindergarten!

This picture was taken in the convalescent home's yard. Yes, we are wearing the convalescent home's slippers in the yard. We named the dog Shoko, which is a typical girl's name in Japan. Leiya, on the other hand is a completely made up name that no one has ever heard of. For all the years that we had this dog people would get very confused and wonder if our daughter's name was Shoko rather than the dog.

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