Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wild Wednesday

It's Wednesday. Running around like a mad woman! I'm SO sorry that I'm not working in time to go blog visiting when so many of you come each day. Please forgive me. That Google Reader list of blog friends every day tells me that there are more posts to be read but I'm just not getting to it. I WILL! (but definitely not today!)

1994's New Year card! The previous year was another biggie for us because we bought a house out in the countryside of Nikko! We also acquired a cat from some American friends who were returning to the States. We named the cat Lammy (after a Sunday school magazine) and my mother often said we had the perfect home, one son, one daughter, one dog and ONE cat. What more does one need?

The house we had seen two years earlier when we'd been thinking we'd like to settle down. My mother had been visiting and together we went out and looked at this house. I loved the wooden walls and odd floor plan but didn't really want to live out in the boonies. And with NO MONEY, we scrapped the plans to buy a house. My mother noted in her diary that we had seen "Tanya's dream house. Too bad they can't afford it." Two years later Tetsu noticed in the newspaper that the same house was for sale and the price had drastically dropped so out we went again and within a day signed papers! Though I was hesitant about moving out of the friendly neighborhood where our apartment had been, my mother could show me her diary entry and assure me that THIS WAS THE HOUSE for us.

Tetsu was so thrilled at being a home owner that he bought a swing and put it together in our living room where it resided for awhile since we couldn't afford furniture. A couple of months later though our good American friends gave us ALL their furniture (as well as their kitty) when they moved back to the States, so you can see how we had real proof that God provides!

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