Friday, January 07, 2011

Fat Cats

I'm still on winter break and I vascillate between feeling guilty about all my time up in the sewing room and enjoying playing with fabric.

Sina sent me a FAT CAT ruler as a Christmas gift and I decided to put it to use while I had a chance. I made a Fat Cat bag!

The ruler is great! The bag, not so... I don't usually use patchwork bags much anyway so I hurried through this and pulled from the depths of my memory how to put in a bag bottom and how to hide seams etc. I guess I prefer making quilts. I'm not so good in the 3 dimensional area... The bag seems to pull in strange places so I must have misaligned the batting in there.... Oh well.

And I had a cardboard stencil I'd made 20 some years ago that always works nicely for a quilted bottom... Now who is going to look at the bottom except for here on my blog?

Sort of cute. Thank you Sina!

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