Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Yesterday I had a FULL day at the sewing machine. And yes, I caught the bug and got drawn into making a happiness block... Oh my, what fun! Wonky is right but it looks like the dish I bought the other day so I guess it says "happiness".

And while I was upstairs I decided to try the stamps that Joe Tulips has such fun with on her blog. I love looking at all the little things that "Joe" does with her stamps... she can make such a fun quilt with just a few words. And since she is stamping, there isn't a whole lot of work involved (like making Wonky Letters might involve).

I BOUGHT stamps (after asking Joe where she got them and how to use them) last summer, and there they have sat in my drawer for the past 6 months. It is amazing to me that I can write so much on this blog and when confronted with a project for using words I can think of nothing to say...

Yesterday I pulled out the stamps and the fabric and some acrylic paint from at least 20 years ago (it was still usable after a bit of stirring) and I STAMPED. Yes, this is part of my Happiness quilt... for lack of a better name right now... And yes, I was HAPPY working on it the whole day through!

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