Friday, January 14, 2011

Patchwork Thursday

Yesterday was a patchwork day and a few of us gathered at Mrs. Furui's. I came home with so much homework!!! I hope I can keep up this month!

Mrs. Furui is determined to make the hospital children's ward where she volunteers, a quilt decorated area and so she has started yet another project and asked me to help again. How can I refuse her! Twenty some years ago someone (Mrs. Okutomi?) sent us an Anne of Green Gables redwork kit. I actually traced one pattern and had Leiya make the block and then make a wall hanging... I wonder where that went to? Anyway, the kit has sat in Mrs. Furui's closet for 20 years and she has decided to make it into a quilt for the hospital.

"Tanya... Wouldn't you like to make a block or two?"

"Well, if you put it that way, let's say I'd like to make a block (not two)."

and so I got started. Mrs. Harada took home number two (Mrs. Furui has 7 more to get done but she is gathering recruits at the hospital so I don't feel sorry for her!)

And I came home with our block exchange game and instructions to make two stars for Mrs. Ochiai's quilt. And I came home with templates for making 4 blocks for our bazaar quilt.

The bazaar quilt by the way has had a beautiful start thanks to Mrs. Harada who appliqued the whole dang tree trunk for us last month! This month we are going to start appliqueing leaves to the main panel. Those of us who aren't appliqueing leaves are supposed to prepare 20 leaves for later appliqueing. That is also homework.

And then the surprise quilt block needs to be done too this month...

I did a bit of show and tell yesterday too and took my Feathered Star quilt and the Word Play Quilts book. Mrs. Ochiai was our photographer yesterday with her magic camera so I'm including her pictures of me though you've seen this quilt before.

I also passed along the Angel quilt for Mrs. Furui's hospital and picked up some more fabric for the next one (when that will get done I don't know...)

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