Friday, February 25, 2011


A couple of mornings ago I came back from my crosswalk duties and walked in the house in full regalia. Uniform, flying white scarf, black overcoat, white ski gloves big black boots. You've seen me in uniform before. I'll spare you today. Tetsu took one look at me and said,

"You sure look "ganjou".

Ganjou by Japanese English dictionary definition is "strong; sturdy; burly; strongly-built; massive". Thanks ever so much Tetsu. That's always what I've wanted to look like. It's true, I've never been described as delicate and petite but burly and massive are not exactly compliments in my book.

And the other day standing at the crosswalk chatting with the proprietor of the Japanese sweet shop, the wife looked me up and down and declared that I looked very "healthy".

Announcement everyone! Under all that fake leather and many layers (including fat deposits) there resides a frail and fragile woman. I succumbed to the cold virus that is going around and stayed in bed most of yesterday. (Rats. A sewing day too. Better that than a teaching day I guess.)

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