Friday, February 04, 2011

Fields of bounty

Look what came in the mail for me this week! A present from Julie in Tokyo! I sent Julie the "Happiness" quilt that I'd made from experimenting with sewing Japanese characters and thought that was the end of that... I mean, it was just my experiment. But in return Julie sent this beautiful, colorful quilt which came spilling out of the envelope!

Look at all the fruits and vegetables... We sure can't find fabric like this in Japanese fabric shops, nor even in the special quilting shops (there are three in the next city over from me). I've never seen the vibrant, fun fabrics that are often found in the States. I think Julie said she bought some of the produce fabrics on a trip to the States and she did find some others at the Tokyo Dome Quilt Show (probably in an American booth) but I can assure you, NONE of my friends have ever seen seen fabric like this! What fun! I've got plans to teach a lesson on produce using Julie's quilt!

And those kitties!!! I was exclaiming in both English and Japanese over these cuties! They look like they are waiting to be named... Julie assured me that they wouldn't eat the vegetables (though my own Cleo absolutely loves broccoli and asparagus.)

Right now Julie's quilt is sitting on our coffee table and it definitely makes a bright and cheery addition. Just what is needed on a dreary winter day~!

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