Sunday, February 13, 2011

Impulse... Alphabet Soup

I've got to stop sewing and get a life... The snowy days have been fun though.

It sounds like, hands down, everyone thinks that machine piecing the batik quilt is the best bet. I am at the decision point. Yes, I finished the quarters. (The quarters are just laid out on the floor in this picture.) Another BIG quilt. It didn't fit flat on the floor of the sewing room, it doesn't get completely in the picture even in the Japanese room with furniture moved. And it still doesn't have borders so this will be bigger still.

Now I will probably spend days and weeks looking through past quilting magazines trying to get ideas for quilting this. I'm not very good at overall quilting designs... I might be able to quilt this in a vine or loopy pattern through the different sized squares. I get lost in over all patterns and usually get a lot of puckering on the back. Any suggestions? Seen any great quilting patterns that would move diagonally with the blocks?

BrendaLou wanted to know the name of this pattern. I founded it in a HOUSE of WHITE BIRCHES published book called Twisted Classics. The pattern itself is called Impulse (p.110). I'm wondering what I should name my own quilt... Alphabet Soup (no one would understand that but me... 26 letter coded colors that got me very confused).

I'm afraid this is going to have to season on a shelf now... It has been fun. Filled the urge to machine piece for a few days.

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