Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowy days

More snow and so I have a free morning (my students are as afraid to drive snowy roads as I am). I may spend the day embroidering cat faces or I may thumb through magazines trying to find ideas for quilting the Around the World quilt.

This is the part I dislike about patchwork and quilting. Not knowing what to do. I probably would enjoy a challenge but to just look at the pieces of quilt and try to decide what would be a viable quilting pattern drives me nuts. And I know there are people who like the thinking through process but can't get around to doing it. Not me. I'll do it if someone tells me what to do!

The cat face embroidery isn't going to well either. I made one cat face. (Let's see... I have 23...) And I don't think it is particularly cute. You would think with all the cat things I have in my house as well as cats, that I could come up with a cuter cat face... Maybe after 23 I'll get better at it.

Anyone want to see snow pictures?

This is an early morning shot looking out over a family farm cemetery. Actually I took this picture last month. We've got more snow now.

This was another early morning picture with Choco. By the time we got back after 45 minutes the snow had deepened. Choco likes walking in the snow but doesn't like sitting outside in the cold. Thus today I've let her in the house where she is meandering and bothering cats.

And when I'm not looking she creeps up on the sofa (where she is not supposed to be). Choco got a bath the other day so I'm a little more forgiving than usual about her sitting on my quilt!

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