Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hearts 1-2-3

Sometime before Valentine's Day I started three 5th graders on appliqueing hearts (from a set that June sent me.) The girls were very excited to go through the different colors and patterns and they each chose one and I gave them a quick lesson on button hole appliqueing.

The next week one girl came back with a finished heart, another girl said she'd forgotten hers at home and the third girl still had the heart and fabric stuffed in the bottom of her English bag and said she'd been too busy to start.

I let the first girl choose a second heart and gave her more fabric. The second girl said she would hurry and finish hers and she'd bring it the next week. The third girl took her bag (and heart) home with her again.

The third week, everybody forgot their hearts.

The fourth week, the first girl brought her second heart that she'd finished. The second girl said she'd forgotten it at home again. The third girl pulled the same heart and material out of her bag.

"I don't think I have time to do this."

That's okay. Not everybody derives joy from handwork.

I don't know what the second girl is planning to do. I've never seen a completed heart yet.

And when I asked the first girl if she wanted to choose another heart, she politely said "No." Two hearts are the limit for 5th grade girls... So I offered to sew the two hearts up for her into a mini quilt... table runner.

And this is what it has turned out to be.

Instead of just meandering, I followed the Sew Create It video and made butterflies! So easy and so much fun! I think my English student will be very pleased. The other two girls might even decide that they want to finish their hearts and bring them to me to make mini table runners!

Happy Late Valentine's Day.

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