Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan morning

We've had a long night just because every few minutes the house would start shaking. Really, I wonder if it is some type of shell shock. Every time it seemed like things were quiet I would think that the constant trembling beneath me was really just my own breathing or pulse or something and then the tremble would turn into a shaker again. So I don't know how much is all in my head.

I haven't turned the TV on yet this morning so I haven't seen the footage of the disasters but from what little we saw yesterday I imagine it it bad. It got so that Lorraine and I were growing depressed listening to the continuing reports and seeing the film footage and every so often the news announcers (wearing helmets in the newsrooms) would let us know that another quake was predicted to hit in a matter of minutes so everyone please get under tables and move away from furniture and pull over to the side of the road of you were driving. Lorraine and I tried to sleep on the hard, cold floor of the living room (we didn't want to get caught upstairs in case we needed to make an escape outside) and besides, with all the stuff that had fallen on her bed and my futon upstairs it made us glad we hadn't been asleep when the quake hit. Tetsu, by the way has stayed the night at the convalescent home and is trying to keep things together there.

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