Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Oh dear... Not much going on at my house. A simple patchwork class with three ladies but I forgot to take pictures.... When those projects are done.

Cats? They are not too thrilling but Mi trills!

Of all the cats that we have ever had, Mi is the only cat who trills. She does a lot of trilling and making purring sounds. Patora will even meow when you talk to her. A very cat-like "ME~~OW~~". Not too feminine.

All the cats when they see birds will make noises like "Khe-ke-ke-ke-ke~."

And most of the cats purr when they are petted.

Chip, Toi and Cleo never say a word though Vel has a terribly masculine "Meow~ Meow~ Meow~." I have to remind myself that he is a FIXED male cat. I thought they stopped making all that noise.

But Mi has a high, sweet "Trrrr~rr~rr~!" and she trills as she goes upstairs, she trills when someone comes to the door or calls for her, she trills when she sees a food bowl being filled. From my sickbed last week I enjoyed hearing Tetsu and Mi have a conversation while he hung out laundry.

"Hi Mi. You wanna help me?"


"Don't fall off the veranda."


"It's nice day isn't it. Good for laundry."

"Trrr~rrr. Trrr~rrr?"

Her inflection goes up and down like she's asking questions.

Isn't that trilling?

(I tried to upload a video of the cats talking but it looks like Blogger doesn't do that anymore. They ought to take the video button off the tool bar then...)

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