Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A trip to the vet

Choco and Vel went to the vets this weekend. Both for routine vaccines. Oh, how they hate the vet! (and he's such a nice man too.) The minute I got Vel into the car he started up a racket that continued the 30 minutes to the next town. Remember the post about evacuating with your animals? I can not image trying to live with ONE cat in a car for weeks on end let alone 6! ONE cat's racket has me batty after the 30 minute drive.

Choco on the other hand enjoys the drive. TOO MUCH! She jumps around the car until it is dangerous to drive with her so I tied her into the back luggage area... There she is with her 15 pound bag of dog food (and a bag of recyclable milk cartons). Drivers behind us waved to her which she acknowledged by licking the back window. I've tried dog seat belts and barriers but she just moves around and paws at me too much. What she'd really like is to stick her head out of the window and let her ears flap (like Rose on the Titanic) but it's too cold for that. I'm not freezing my fingers off so that my dog can pretend she's a sea captain.

So a quick trip to the vet and back. 5 more animals to go. Their vaccines are due later in the year.

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