Sunday, April 03, 2011

Alabama Beauty blocks

Oh dear... Today's going to be short. Tetsu and I have "chatted" with Leiya for the last two hours on the computer and now we've got to get our day started. It is so nice to be able to just sit down with a cup of coffee (on this side of the world) and me sew while Tetsu gives fatherly advice to Leiya about looking for jobs or telling her how the Japanese work force is organized. A little father-daughter time.

I spent at least two hours sewing backing and basting the last quarter of my Alphabet Soup quilt (I wish I'd find a different name). You'd think that basting a quilt wouldn't take so long but what with sewing together backing scraps (yes, it is going to be a patchwork back too. Not planned that way but that's how it is working out) and trying to gather up enough safety pins, and where there wasn't enough getting down with good ol' basting thread. So THAT took a lot of the afternoon with nothing to show for it.

When I'm downstairs and in the kotatsu (and chatting with Leiya), I'm doing hand sewing on the Alabama Beauty blocks. I started this last spring and did quite a few blocks when I was in the States over the summer. Gradually this has been forgotten while I've been machine piecing and quilting but what with the earthquake and being housebound, I managed to piece these five blocks during the quiet hours.

I have 23 blocks done with no plans for putting them together. You'd think a person would do things with more purpose...

It's Sunday. Off to church we go!

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