Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another prayer quilt

I'm racing around madly this morning. And it isn't even Wednesday!

Yesterday I devoted the afternoon to making a prayer quilt for one of our older church members who has been under the weather for the past month or so. Probably a combination of age and stress about a lot of things. She has always had faithful attendance but since the earthquake is hesitant to leave her house. She will also be having cataract surgery next week so I asked if I could make her a quilt.

"You'd make a prayer quilt for me? Thank you."

I wanted to get the flimsy done in time to hand it over to my friend Kaoru-san today. She will take it home and sew on the binding and maybe put in the tying threads. It is nice to have a relay team to make quilts with.

Hopefully by next Sunday we can have the church members pray over this and tie the strings... And then get it delivered in time for our friend's surgery.

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