Sunday, April 17, 2011


Tetsu and Choco and I came back from our morning walk and two of the cats had escaped. Vel and Mi. Mi came running back past Choco, through the yard and jumped back in the window when I called her. Vel is still out in the wilds somewhere. Vel knows how to open sliding doors and windows. And because I know that Vel knows how to open windows, I always lock the windows. So why was the window unlocked and open? (And no, my first thought wasn't a break-in.)

When Lorraine and I came home after the big earthquake I found many of our sliding doors and windows full open. The cats were too spooked to try to escape (and Vel was locked up anyways) but I could imagine the doors sliding open as the house shook. But could an earthquake unlock the doors?

Because Vel does sometimes open the doors I ALWAYS keep them locked. I know I do! But yesterday afternoon we had another large tremor that had cell phone alarms going and books falling. I'm thinking that the shaking knocked the lock off AGAIN and this morning when Vel was let out of his room he tried a couple doors, found one unlocked and made his escape. (Taking Mi with him.) Another window was unlocked and open upstairs too.

Years ago Vel fell off the veranda and was lost in the woods for 5 days before he came back... I hope he has sense enough to come back earlier this time and that he'll be careful while he is out exploring. Of course he dislikes enough of our other cats (Toi and Patora in particular) that he may decide to move elsewhere. I hope not.

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