Monday, April 18, 2011

Obi and Kimono

Vel came back last night around 6:00. Even though I was trying to take the advice to let cats be cats, I kept looking out the window and hourly going out and calling him. By evening I was exhausted.


Okay... I am finally thinking about what to do with all the obi that I brought home last week... I have an idea but actually this might be crazy.

I have checked shipping prices and find that it costs me about $10 a kimono or obi to send overseas by surface mail. Japan does not use a checking system so it would be difficult for me to receive money from people. I do not feel a need to make money off of my friend's mother-in-law's obis but I don't really need them myself. Enough people offered to buy some that I am thinking of asking people to donate $50 to Red Cross Relief for Japan. If anyone has an interest in an obi, then I would specify it for that person and after a donation was made I would assume shipping fees to that person. (Can I say, make a donation after you've read this post? I know people have already made donations but I don't think I can just send out kimonos to everybody.) I have about 20 of these things but this would be MY donation (in a way) to Red Cross and I know my friend's family would feel happy knowing the obis went to a cause for Japan.

What do you think? Does this sound feasible? $50 seems a lot for a couple of these things... the pure black ones or the brown men's one (it even has a couple moth holes in it...) so if anyone wants those I'd leave the donation amount open. As for the non-interesting pink roll of kimono fabric at the bottom, that is my least favorite but I'll have you know that there is still a price tag on it that says it is about $250! Wow! I'm afraid I wouldn't buy it for that!

Anyway, I have put these pictures on my sidebar and if anyone is interested, please let me know. First come, first serve. If I don't get takers then these will go to someone I know who uses Japanese fabrics for bags.


From here on, these are kimonos.

And this is a half kimono coat.

I sure didn't plan to get into the kimono trade business.

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