Friday, April 15, 2011

Patchwork Thursday after the earthquake

Yesterday was the first time our patchwork group got together since the earthquake last month. (We had met on the 10th, the day before the earthquake.) Everyone was worried about Lorraine and wondering how her feelings were towards Japan now and whether she would ever be back to visit.

Lots of tales of the past month. Mrs. Ochiai has decided it is safer to walk up 5 floors to her condominium rather than risk being caught in the elevator and so she has gotten a good workout this month. Mrs. Harada (who lives on the 14th floor, closer to Tokyo) doesn't have that option but actually there was very little damage to her home. Something about the newer buildings being built to sway softly with earthquakes. (I have heard this from other friends too who live in high rises. There was NOTHING in their houses broken whereas I was picking up things from my squat little house for days.)

But, as I mentioned yesterday, we all have reacted differently to the earthquake and the following changes in our lives. I spent the time sewing and got quite a lot accomplished, but a couple of my friends said that they found it hard to concentrate and couldn't put their hearts into any handwork. So only half of us who had homework this past month got it finished. The others begged off because they were too rattled to sit down and sew. Maybe more done this month (if the aftershocks would calm down.)

Mrs. Okutomi was one of the handwork people last month and she spent the time machine quilting two quilts for her home. At last month's meeting we were basting these for her and this month she is finished! Such pretty quilts and such lovely quilting. Can you tell that I am standing there trying to get pointers on how to machine quilt a large quilt? I was also trying to get advice about sewing machines because, gasp!, my sewing machine is struggling right now! It seems that in the fall from my sewing table my machine got jarred enough so that the straight stitching dial now points to zig-zag and when I want to do zig-zag (rarely) I have to put the dial at button hole. My poor machine! But at least it sews! Mrs. Okutomi uses a Bernina, top of the line, but I don't think I'll ever have a chance to play on one of those.

And we also worked on more applique leaves for the bazaar quilt... ironing them down in place before appliqueing. Yes, we are on the floor again. I think we should pitch in and buy Mrs. Furui a standing ironing board.

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