Friday, April 08, 2011


Yes, more aftershocks for us in Japan last night. I got on the computer this morning and some of you had already heard about them! We have had daily aftershocks ever since March 11, but last night's sent people scrambling all over again.

At nearly 12:00 pm, I was of course, already asleep when the shaking started. A couple cats bolted from under the blankets and with whiskers quivering stood in the hallway trying to figure out where might be safe. Safe is under the covers with me! Standing in the middle of the hallway with books raining down on you (or worse) is not safe! I fumbled around for my glasses in the dark but decided that it really was safer to stay where I was. I could imagine a tree from the forest crashing through the window but otherwise we've taken most things off the shelves (except for the books which we'd put back) so there was little to fall on me. Trying to go downstairs like the cats could entail a tumble or coming into contact with furniture so I hunkered down in bed again (with glasses on). Tetsu finally came up annoyed at me because I wasn't even going to look terrified.

"Aren't you even going to get up?"

Nope. And pretty soon the cats came back to cuddle up beside me.

Tetsu stayed in front of the TV again most of the night watching the updates and all TV was back on emergency programing. For many people along the eastern coastline, their night's sleep was interrupted by a flee to higher ground for an hour. This morning all seems normal again.

I have a close high school friend whom I see every summer and though she is not a bit interested in quilting, in the past she has dropped me off at her neighborhood quilt shop so that I could enjoy myself. Jane was one of the first people to e-mail me and find out if we were alright.

Tuesday, the mailman delivered a box from Jane, and what do you think was inside? White thread! Jane must have read my post about being a quilter without white thread during an earthquake disaster and gone to the quilting store for me. And not only was there thread, look at all the beautiful fabric Jane sent! I think those colors could be described as SCRUMPTIOUS!

Last week someone told me that the children in the evacuation centers tend not to use pink crayons yet because pink is a happy color. Well, my next donation quilt is going to be made from this beautiful fabric and it is going to have a lot of pink in it!!! I just love the lacy watermelons!!!

Jane sure knows how to brighten a stranded quilter's life!

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