Thursday, April 07, 2011


I was out and about early yesterday morning and needed to stop at the department store. I got there just as it was opening and we customers filed in and scattered down different aisles and into different departments. I wish I had the courage to whip out my camera and right out take pictures but I have a feeling the department store wouldn't like that... Anyway, on the sly I got a quick shot of one of the clerks standing at attention and bowing deeply to customers as they walked past her. (Can you see her there on the right?) Clerks were lined up on both sides of the aisle (throughout the whole store) and bowing to me as if I were the Queen of England or something.

"Thank you... Thank you. Yes, good servants, I will deign you with my presence in your department store. Too bad I don't have a lot of money in my handbag."

I bought a couple graduation presents and some cakes.

Isn't this the cutest thing? I was invited to lunch at the graduating student's house and I thought I should at least bring dessert, thus the cake. I bought enough for a group of us and the dining room table was infested with ladybugs!

This I did NOT see at the department store (but if I'd looked I probably could have found it.) I saw this advertisement on TV the other day and took a picture of the TV screen. I find this hilarious. How about this for the latest outdoor fashion?!

Up until last year, the deep hat and a full face visor was popular. This is to protect delicate skin from UV rays. I have actually seen people walking around with the full face visor and they look like something out of Star Wars. This year's fashion is complete with sun glasses and a face guard... Now I understand that in some countries the women wear similar arrangements for religious reasons... But this is Japan! And I think the new fashion, although still promoting skin care, is actually the fashionable way to deal with possible radiation fallout... If you want to be that careful.

Black or white? Can you see yourself garbed in such for a walk in the park?

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