Saturday, April 16, 2011


Some friends came over for patchwork yesterday bringing bags of supplies and tools. Everything got put out on the table and sewing began. And the next we looked, Toi was trying out the different sized bags and boxes finding one that suited him.

"This one is a great size... and insulated. (It is actually a shopping bag for groceries.) What do you think? Does it go nicely with my coloring?"

"Now this is a little tight... but I do like the color and besides it is right in the midst of all the sewing so I choose THIS ONE!"

The box was a little mis-shapen when Toi finally got out of it.


Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Ochiai called me.

"Tanya, I've been meaning to tell you but I keep forgetting. Do you know that your watermark on your pictures still says 2010? I really think you should change that. It is already April of 2011!"

Did I laugh at that! Nope. I hadn't noticed that I was four months behind. If Mrs. Ochiai hadn't mentioned I probably could have gone another year or two! How about anyone else? With all the pictures that I've posted, did anyone else notice that the watermark was off? Or maybe you are all just too polite.

Thank you Mrs. Ochiai! As of Toi's pictures I've change my watermark to 2011!

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