Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger returns!

How nice that Blogger came back! It gave us all an unscheduled vacation from the computer or at least from blogging. I caught up on reading blog posts but couldn't comment. I skipped posting myself of course. I replied to previous comments in my g-mail box and verified that it was not just ME that was having blogging problems. (I thought at first that I had done something dreadful.)

I wondered about how I would feel if my blog disappeared entirely and who would be to blame. It's not like I pay fees to Blogger to allow me to post. If they swept me from cyberspace what would I do?

Though in days past I had planned to back up my blog regularly, I never got around to it... Is it even necessary to save my blog? I mean I don't really re-read these things, why worry about it disappearing. But then I figured that at least the past couple months of dealing with the earthquake was "history" of a sort. SO.....

I checked my old posts (Nov. 14, 2010) about how to back up my blog. I followed my own instructions and in an hour was able to back up a year of blog posts on my external hard disk. I even appreciated that I had written that post to the future me and laughed at how well I knew myself.

So, I feel a bit caught up and actually enjoyed my "vacation" though it was a little lonely all by my lonesome.

What did you do yesterday without blogging privileges?

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