Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Mi gets so much love in our house. She really gets an unfair share. But she has cuteness sparkling off her at all times. She has a cute face, she has a cute trill, she has cute mannerisms. The ladies who come for English are tickled pink when Mi chooses their lap to sit on that day. They ply her with kitty snacks and coo over her expression of adoration. The children too come to English, barge into the house asking "Where's Mi?" They hold her like a teddy bear, make a special seat for her with their book bags... and Mi loves the attention!

The other cats deign to make an appearance if it looks like cat snacks are being handed out but they have no interest in ladies' laps or noisy children (except for Chip... she also will sit with the ladies but doesn't like the children). Vel, Cleo, Patora and Toi find English guests, adult or children, tolerable but uninteresting.

And Mi of course is Tetsu's favorite. Much like the English children, he comes home saying "Where's Mi?" and he is quite disappointed if Mi chooses to sleep with me rather than under his covers. Mi waits for us in the bathroom sink, follows into the bathroom, sits by my feet while I wash dishes (not minding the occasional drops of water that sprinkle her head) and of course keeps me company when I sew. She is the only one of our 6 cats that gets along with EVERY other cat... I'm still playing "changing of the guard" with the other cats because one or the other doesn't like other family felines.

Mi is supposed to be the least healthy of our kitties but so far she seems pretty healthy. If love could heal, she is building up a lot of immunities!

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