Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rainy season

I think I heard that our part of Japan has entered into the rainy season. It is always amazing to me that the weather news can say exactly "today we have entered rainy season" or "today rainy season is over". It doesn't really matter whether we are having a lot of rain or not. The combination of meteorological measurements is the criteria for knowing whether we've entered the rainy season or not.

But we HAVE been having a lot of rain... Which makes the countryside beautiful.

I didn't get a great picture but the hills and mountains that surround the farmlands often disappear into the clouds. I call it cloud birth. Tetsu says it is fog. But the clouds/fog drift up from the green hillsides and turn into fluffy puff balls so to me they are newborn clouds...

Yesterday's morning drive through greenery and clouds led us to breakfast at a restaurant in the next town over. Tetsu spent a little time making a rough draft of a congratulation letter to send to Takumi. (Now I have to make sure that he writes it again and sends it!)

I love rainy days and breakfast out!

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