Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Road block

Wednesday, and I'm out of here in a few minutes.

Over Golden Week my wonky carpenter was at work again. I have an embarrassing problem of cats peeing where I don't want them to. I have a feeling the culprits are Vel and Cleo and occasionally Chip. And they like the corner of the kitchen, making the place very unsanitary! Toi and Patora like to pull things off of counters and the stove to munch on while we sleep. My cats are ganging up on me! And my kitchen (and dining room and hallway etc.) doesn't have a door. Very interesting house. No doors. Anyway there is no way to keep the cats out of the kitchen.

So Tetsu made a frame that will fit in the dining room doorway and supposedly that would keep the cats out. It is not very attractive but we thumb tacked an old green tablecloth to it and then I'm draping an old patchwork wall hanging over it all.

Great! It fits in the doorway! No entrance to the dining room and kitchen (for humans either). It is a bit of a pain to move every time Tetsu or I want to use the area but it serves the purpose... At least for the peeing problem.

But unfortunately the frame is not an obstacle for Toi. The other cats are stumped by the road block but Toi easily jumps over it. Oh well. Toi was not doing the peeing anyway.

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