Friday, May 06, 2011


I have never been to Japan's southernmost island, Okinawa. Early in our marriage, Tetsu was invited to his Okinawan college friend's wedding and we considered going together. But Tetsu was out of work, we had a new baby, it didn't seem like a time to be vacationing. And besides, Tetsu and all his old college buddies would be together and he would have more fun without being encumbered by a foreign wife and new baby. Tetsu went alone (and had a great time) and I consoled myself that I'd get another chance someday...

That chance has never come. We've never again had any great desire to visit Okinawa and if I have any extra time (and money!) I chose to visit the States and my family. I have a feeling I'll never get to Okinawa.

Sometimes I see Okinawa scenery on the TV and have admired the Shiisa, lion-dogs that sit on the roofs of the houses warding off evil. They perch up there watching the world and guarding the inhabitants of the houses. Not that I WANT a Shiisa... just that the house looks Okinawan with a Shiisa sitting up there.

The other day when coming back from an errand I found Toi up on the corner of our roof... looking like a miniature dog-lion. Well, he's got the lion-part right... Toi is our only cat that can get out on the roof and he watches the world and "guards" the inhabitants of OUR house.

I may never get to Okinawa but I occasionally have a Shiisa.

(Shiisa picture from the Internet.)

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