Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wicked Easy BRIGHT quilt

Yeah! a second donation quilt done. Thank you Jane for all the pretty, bright fabrics!

This is called the Wicked Easy Quilt pattern but there no longer seems to be a link for it. I've had the PDF file saved for a couple years and have made it numerous times usually as a crib quilt version with 6 fabrics but this time with 12 fabrics.

The quilting was done free hand on my domestic machine and I had planned to just make the big flowers in the largest blocks. But they were easy enough that I ended up wanting to do more and get a little variety so there are some quarter flowers in there and some smaller flowers sharing smaller squares too.

I will send this on to Quilt Tsushin (though I want to show my patchwork group first).

I have a question. Am I supposed to add a label to donation/comfort quilts? And if I am, what information is supposed to be on there? Name, date, place made? message? Or is this better left unlabeled since it might end up as a raffle quilt anyway. What do you think?

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