Thursday, June 30, 2011


If Tanya is down in the dumps you know what that means. As I wrote about in my last post, cat problems are getting me down.

Sometimes, I even hesitate writing about my cats. Everyone has such different opinions and some of your comments make me feel even lower (and some lift me back up!) So I guess at least I've become aware of where I really stand... I really would like to let Toi out into the world and let him become an outdoor cat. When one comment tells me that that is not being responsible then I cringe and close the computer lid. Even though there are many comments assuring me that along with risks it will make all the cats' lives happier, the one negative comment has my mind spiraling. Who knew that blogging could have such power over emotions.

When I came back from the hospital I noticed that Cleo's expression had changed. He looked scared all the time. But what I realized yesterday was that his face has become swollen and infected. Yes, numerous cuts and gouges applied by Toi, and the vet had to do a lot of cutting and draining of the wounds on poor Cleo. And now he wears an Elizabeth collar and can't move around freely at all. So he is in pain and unhappy and meowed most of the night.

We put Toi in the cat house (at about 1:00 am) so as to let Cleo have the run of the house. But then TOI started meowing and we worried about disturbing our only neighbors... who, like the rest of us in summer have their windows open. Back Toi came in the house and was locked in a bathroom but he continued yowling all night which meant very little sleep for either Tetsu nor me.

Tetsu keeps suggesting we just bite the bullet and let Toi out... He looks at me hopefully but won't force the decision.... If something happened to Toi he doesn't want to be blamed... But this summer is going to be a hard one with Tetsu trying to shuffle cats and make sure they are all alive and well every night. Of course I don't know that letting Toi out will even solve the problem... He might just sit on our doorstep and complain loudly.

My vet's opinion is to let things go naturally. If that means Cleo gets bullied (and Vel) so be it. That seems cruel too.

Please don't comment... I'm just working out my own feelings.

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