Sunday, June 19, 2011


While I was in the hospital I thought it was going to be a great time to lose some weight. The meals were certainly conducive to weight loss! Simple is a gentle way of describing the menu!

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the meals. I did. Because there wasn't much to do all day, we patients on the orthopedic ward looked forward to the three meals and gobbled down all that was set before us. And it was enough! In fact, if I think of a word to describe my one week hospital stay, the word would be "Enough". The hospital wasn't glamorous but people were being healed. It was enough. The food wasn't restaurant standards, but patients were filled and nourished. It was enough. I learned how much more I eat than I really need! (Of course I burn a few more calories in my normal daily life but even so...)

So here are a few pictures of my meals while in the hospital. I think I took a picture of each meal but I guess you don't want to see 23 pictures of hospital trays.

This was a typical breakfast tray. There was either two slices of bread or else a large hot dog bun... And jam. And either a cold sausage or slice of ham with chopped cabbage on the side or in this case, stewed cabbage and egg. And milk.

I noticed some people got rice gruel instead of the bread but I guess the nurses decided I'd probably prefer bread rather than gruel.

This was a pretty fancy lunch one day. When the nurses brought it in my roommates and I all let out an "Ooh. Noodles for lunch!"

Cold noodles, dipping broth, grated radish and chopped mushrooms, deep fried fish cakes. Orange slices.

And this was a typical dinner menu. Simmered slice of codfish. Cucumber and boiled cabbage, radish and carrot salad. A big serving of rice! And grapefruit slices.

I noticed when leaving the hospital that the bill included a meal fee for about $70. I stayed 8 days in the hospital and had 23 meals. 23 meals for $70! Pretty reasonable!!!

You can see how I might expect to lose some weight... but I didn't. And now that I'm home my friends keep bringing me fancy cakes... And I'm not up to walking great distances nor back at the pool...

Hospital food was enough. Now I'm struggling with over abundance!

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