Friday, June 10, 2011

She's Alive!!! sorry for the late post!

Hello everyone! I am Leiya. As you may know from the previous post my mother has thrown out her knee, so for the next few days my roommate Yanna and I will be taking charge of this blog!

My mother's knee surgery went well, and she will be home in the next few days. I will keep you all up dated on her progress. I'm sure she would love to be writing this herself. In the meantime, let me introduce my roommate.

Since most of you already know me from my mother's blog, I'll tell you about Yanna. She and I have been roommates for almost a year now. Since I am an art major, and Yanna is an interior design major, our apartment is lots of fun. Along with our extensive art collection, we have a few guitars. One of them was given to us by a friend who no longer plays. Another is old, orange, and junky, but serves as a temporary learning device. (According to Yanna lol) The last one is mine and it's a decent pretty average guitar. One of our goals this summer is to learn how to play a song together. So far, it's going pretty slowly but we're still having fun!

We will post again tomorrow. For now, please pray that my mom heals quickly so that she can get back to doing the things she loves!

Us being silly :)

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