Tuesday, June 14, 2011

soo close, but soo far away...

No words from Tetsu-san :( Probably too busy going back and forth between work and the hospital. Yanna and I are wondering what to write on the blog... We realized that our life is too boring to talk about lol. I personally don't get bored easy so I just entertain myself with things like watching movies, cooking, sleeping, and walk around in the nice weather. And the ultimate treat of going to Panera Bread! (That's what I did today :)

We have been having some problems with this blog... First, we had trouble posting pictures. Then, as you may have noticed, our formatting for our very first blog was a little off. I think we've fixed the problem, but only time will tell! Then, of course, since we don't have the internet at our apartment, we have been running all over town, and all over campus, trying to find a good connection. We have now settled quite nicely in the breezeway of the Student Union Building. The building itself is closed, but here in the breezeway, we can still get an excellent connection any time of night. It does seem like a cruel joke though that there are comfortable chairs just feet away, safely behind a wall of glass, while we are sitting on the hard floor lol.

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