Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday husband


Not much of a birthday for Tetsu. Work all day, home to cats and dog who are probably driving him crazy. A lot of heat, a lot of humidity. A box lunch for his dinner.

I did send Tetsu a text message yesterday which got to him on the 22. Since Japan is a day ahead of us here in the States I have to keep my wits about me and think ahead. (Barely!) Poor Tetsu always gets left out on his birthday. No one but me remembers it and I am always in the States. Obviously our family has never been one for big celebrations. Here is a picture of us at the airport bus stop just as I was leaving for the States...

I have dusted off Kiana's sewing machine that has been in the closet the past year. The only time Marcy and Kiana get the sewing bug is while I am here. Marcy wants to make more pillow cases and Kiana has to finish an apron started last summer. Marcy also has a baby quilt she wants Kiana to make for somebody.

So Tuesday Marcy and Kiania and I got to M and L's fabric store. Of course I can always find excuses to buy fabric. I guess I'll make a demonstration baby quilt for Kiana to follow... I will have to find the baby to give it to later. And I always need backing for my donation and comfort quilts so I picked up four more yards of that... And a beautiful yellow batik because I realized I didn't have much yellow in my stash.

While I was shopping I realized my cart was blocking the aisle and the poor lady behind me couldn't get through. As I rounded the corner she said,

"Are you Tanya?"

Now... who would I know way out here in Anaheim? And it turns out she is a blog reader!

Hi Anne! Thank you for greeting me! It was fun to meet you. You made me feel like a celebrity!

Whew! I'm sure glad I wasn't grumbling or scowling at people that day! To think that Anne could recognize me from my blog pictures! (And she was looking for a scar on my knee to see if it was really the Tanya from recent knee surgery. I showed her the three pin pricks!) I guess if I want to be recognized I'd better choose realistic pictures of myself. Not too much sucking in of stomach for pictures, Tanya. No one who meets you in person will believe you are the same lady!

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