Monday, July 25, 2011

Boy project

Marcy and I have bought fabric. And more fabric. And more fabric! You know how it is... You have a project in mind and think about it a bit more and realize you'd like a bit of purple in there... or green... or maybe the yellow that you have isn't quite right. And while we're here let's get new roller cutter blades and some thread (dang... I wish I'd brought some of the threads Mary in Indiana sent me!!!) and might as well get batting while it is on sale...

Before we know it the cart is full!

I was looking for scraps from last year's summer sewing and what should I come across but a whole bag of fabric in one of Marcy's closets!

"Marcy! You already have enough fabric to start a store!"

She was making fleece blankets last year... But there was a lot of calico too and pulling it all out of the bag I find that she had "started" some pillow cases and gotten waylaid.

I always try to keep the Works In Progress bags at a manageable level. (LIE! I have enough WIP bags at home to start my own store.) Okay... I'll feel better about starting something new with Marcy if we can cross the half-made pillow cases off the list. Kiana got in the act and together we put together quite a few pillow cases. I guess Marcy has her Christmas shopping started!

Kiana and I will start the baby quilts next.

Colin always gets left out of things. He's not interested in fabric shopping (what 13 year old boy is?) and he's not particularly interested in the girl talk around the sewing machine. But he doesn't have a whole lot to do this summer...

"Colin, do you like sushi? (I had found some sushi fabric in Marcy's scrap bag.) Let's make a belt."

I was visiting Nancy Near Philadelphia and she had these neat belts. Hey, that would be a good project for Colin! So in one evening Colin put together a belt. I mean, he really did it! I instructed him in roller cutter safety and he'd already learned to use a sewing machine in a Home Economics class and Ta-dah! Colin has made a belt!

What would be another good "boy" project this summer?

Skinny guy, isn't he...

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