Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting ready to go!

This will be my last post from Japan for awhile. I have just come back from crosswalk duty and my bags are packed, I'm ready to go~♪♪♪~

I am taking along stitching to do on the airplane. I could have brought along my Alabama Beauty templates but I could just hear someone in my family say,

"Weren't you doing that same block when you came to California last year?"

So I've brought along the Star Within A Star block that I chose for our patchwork game this year. My friends have made me quite a few blocks but I think I'll add a couple more of my own. Maybe sprinkle some little ones around...

For posterity's sake, here I am featured in the local newspaper this week... Last Friday a young reporter interviewed me and made me dress up in my uniform for a picture.

Crosswalk Guard from America

"Right! Left! Right! OK!"

Standing in front of the Inokura Elementary School in Nikko, English teacher Tanya Watanabe from America (age 56) shouts out to the children as they cross the street.

Tanya has been a Nikko crosswalk guard since April of last year. Her own children graduated from this elementary school and are now in college or have finished, but Tanya has volunteered for neighborhood crosswalk duty for a few years. When offered the job in front of the elementary school, she happily agreed.

Tanya feels the heavy responsibility of watching over the children but she says with a smile that she likes her job.

"The area in front of the school is MY area. I like to pick up litter and keep it clean and nice. I'm having a great time!"
Hmmm... Not a whole lot of content. I've had neighbors call out to me that they saw me in the newspaper and that they were surprised that I am 56. Thank you... I think....

See you in America!

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