Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Keeping cool

It is hot and muggy in Japan. I end up using face wipes or a wet handkerchiefs daily.

California is maybe hotter than Japan but the humidity here presses down on us. And the mold grows at an amazing rate. And the bugs flourish! Tetsu and I sometimes think about eating a weekend breakfast in the yard but in our next breath we say

"But not with all the bugs out there..."

Choco has a mosquito repellent jar out in her kennel that she stays close to. Toi and Patora who are living comfortably in the cat house need one too.

I'm thinking of buying Tetsu a cooling sheet for his birthday (or our anniversary... they come within a week of each other). It is a gel like sheet that supposedly stays cool when you sleep on it. Actually I was thinking of buying one for Choco first (found in the pet section) but decided that she would find it a good chew toy. What a mess that would be! And then I thought

"Why am I thinking about my dog before my husband? Go over to the bedding section of the store and there is the same thing (without the doggy logo on it) that I could buy for Tetsu."

He wouldn't chew it up either!

Anyway we are all doing our best to stay cool. The fans, electrical and hand, are out. The children carry water bottles and thermoses to school. At Tetsu's convalescent home the windows were decorated with colorful origami pinwheels that some kindergarten made for the residents and attached to the windows. Just looking at them is supposed to keep the everyone cool!

What do you think? Should I put up pinwheels around the house or buy Tetsu a cooling sheet?

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